Vern recorded an acoustic version of his rap track "I Know You". We can agree he has a real talent with song writing and performance. You can find him here

Tyton Productions produced this track, an example of something "pop".

Andrew Proome has a wonderful voice and touch with the guitar. Tyton Productions helped him record an example of his work in order to help him promote himself. See his facebook page here.

Andrew Proome covering the classic "Wonderful World". Recorded by Tyton Productions. Don't forget to look him up here.

Sound Recordings

Owl hated the piano lessons at first (age 8), but at some point in the painful experience of learning the piano that all changed and he.... (*sound of screeching tyres*) . Ok lets cut a long story short. Owl has been involved in music since 8 and is credited with being a member of the only South African band to reach number one on the American Billboard Dance charts.

Fast forward a good few years and Owl opened Tyton Productions in Fourways Johannesburg to help other artists sound their best and help them create amazing recordings, whether the aim of these recordings ia excellent demos or final releases. Please have listen to selection above to convince yourself.

He has an excellent selection of gear to achieve this, for instance:

  • Burl Mothership 16 (super high quality analog / digital converter - 4 in / 8 out)
  • U87 Microphone
  • Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon Mic
  • Millennium H37 Preamp
  • Universal Audio Solo/610 Tube Pre-Amp
  • Digital Audio Workstations: Abelton Live, REAPER, Harrison Mixbus